Artonik - Art de rue


Alice - Station 2 (2004)

3rd May in a polish railway station… Eight persons on a quay are watching out for the train, but the waiting will be long. Users in this transit space, they put their life down to sort it out and exteriorise their histories, their hopes and their fears.

Alice – Station 1 (August 2003)

Artonik goes to Poland to work with young comedians and plasticians on the railway stations’ universe. This ten-day work session gave birth to "Alice - Station 1", an exclusive performance presented in the range of the FETA festival.
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Candy Candy (2002)

This creation undresses us and exposes the human weaknesses, the little ordinary crimes and resignations and returns us - through the mirrors of the discoball - the intolerable but deeply human image of our errors, our regrets.

Caliente (1999)

Seven personal histories, seven women on their own, busy with their housework, exteriorize their dreams, madness and fantasies.

L’homme en friche (1997)

The spectacle highlights an anti-hero, René, who became the star of the day in a TV-show. This creation is a parody of the reality-shows, mixing theatre and plastic arts.

Petite fête de la mort (1995)

This plastic installation in, on, around a caravan is a reflexion about illness and death. The creation becomes a spectacle interpreted by Caroline Selig et Alain Beauchet.

Le Bateleur (1993)

The public is invited to come in a stallholder stand to find its destiny, which is hidden into home-made objects’ boxes. This installation works as a little museum.

Photophobie (1992)

This installation invites the public to come into a voluntary stressful sound universe. The creation is based on pictures of prisoners in Cayenne, signatures’ or Civil stamps’ enlargements.