Artonik - Art de rue
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Dancing stroll / Night-time Creation 2018

Sangkhumtha : HOPE

[sañg kum ta] n. Khmer : hope

Water is a priceless treasure, facing the reality of global warming.
All countries in the world are concerned by the frequency of natural disasters as the consequences of climate change, and especially Asia.
Artonik company gets inspiration from Khmer traditions - as apsara dances or shadow theater - to produce a contemporary dancing stroll meandering through public places just like the Mekong meandes from China to the valleys of Cambodia and Vietnam.
Along the procession, visions of Asia appear, suggesting the death of the Mekong waters, dry soils, long walks to fetch water in Laos, the slow motion of a waterqueen and footsteps of geta shoes.

Artonik mixes modern dance and shadow theater with graphic and musical environment, alternating between Western influences and Asian aesthetics.
This dancing stroll iscontemporary, energic, ironic, fun, brutal, urban, engaged, mixing traditional and modern forms of communication / vocabulary.
It gets its inspiration from the classicism of Asian dancing but proposes something new by introducing occidental influences in a theatrical, playful approach.

We wish to avoid the digital aspect or the profusion of special effects. We want our images to look"artisanal”, projected on streets’ walls. Artonik collaborates with 2 artists, Caroline Sury and Craoman on the graphic projections.

The three musicians of Nataraj XT playing live music, follow the characters and the projected shadow as in the Khmer shadow theater. Compositions will mix traditional classic and modern instruments.

Artistic team :

Artistic direction Alain Beauchet et Caroline Selig
Comedians-dancers Boileau-Sanchez Pierre, Sonia Darbois, Jean-Serge Dunet, Sandra Français, Michaël Jaume, Cyril Limousin, Kader Mahammed, Noëlle Quillet, Vladimir Rivera, Lucas Tissot, Diane Touzin, Julie Yousef
Musicians live Dominique Beven, Philippe Capitani et Laurent Pernice
Sound regissor Sébastien Devey
Machinists Yann Decamps, Stephan Ripoll
Construction Sylvain Georget, Daniel Adami Julo Etievant - HO7 Marseille
Graphic collaboration Caroline Sury (puppets) and Craoman (retroprojection drawings)

Reportage France 3 Aquitaine

Reportage France 3 Annenasse - mai 2018

« Une évocation poétique en plusieurs tableaux accompagnée par [ ] un public complice qui joue aux éclaireurs en illuminant le chemin des danseurs. »
La Provence – Avril 2018

« Les trente premières minutes présentées en avant-première démarrent sur une chorégraphie échevelée et déhanchée sur un tapis de déchets jetés hors de sacs plastique. Images de notre monde de la consommation débridée. Présentation très prometteuse »
Zibeline – Mai 2018



This creation is supported by l’Abattoir - CNAREP de Chalon-sur-Saône, l’Atelier 231 - CNAREP à Sotteville-les-Rouen, les Ateliers Frappaz - CNAREP de Villeurbanne, Le Moulin Fondu - CNAREP en Île-de-France, Lieux Publics - CNCEP à Marseille, le Pôle Arts de la Scène-Friche la Belle de Mai Marseille, Quelques p’Arts...CNAREP - Scène Rhône-Alpes et Sur le Pont - CNAREP en Nouvelle-Aquitaine à la Rochelle.
With special support of DGCA and City of Marseille.

Lieux Publics - CNCEP à Marseille, Le Moulin Fondu - CNAREP en Île-de-France, Sur le Pont - CNAREP en Nouvelle-Aquitaine à la Rochelle.

The creation residency in Phare Ponleu Selpak was supported by Institut Français and Ville de Marseille, and Quelques p’Arts...Centre National des Arts de la Rue - Scène Rhône-Alpes. The project is part of Phare Ponleu Selpak “Professional Arts Development” program, co-funded by the European Union in Cambodia and UNESCO Residency on FB