Artonik - Art de rue
Dancing stroll / Night-time Creation 2018

Sangkhumtha : HOPE

The reality of global warming must make us take action for the climate. It is now essential that a collective consciousness rises to reconsider our system. Sangkhumtha : HOPE » will be our contribution to demonstrate the urgency of action, but also denounce our incapacity to consider the reality of the situation.

The Artonik company aims to get inspiration from Khmer traditions and Angkor temples, its history and secular cul- ture, in order to produce a contemporary stroll.A show mixing dancing, miming, lyrics as done in Khmer shadow theater could be hard to understand without prior knowledge of this culture as the music is insistent, the message is hardly understandable, the body language refers directly to the Khmer culture. We will propose an enlarged and modern vision of Asia, refering to different theatral, body and music codes.

This deambulatory composition will meander through public places just like the Mekong meandes through the valleys of Cambodia.

This dancing stroll will be contemporary, energic, ironic, fun, brutal, urban, engaged, mixing traditional and modern forms of communication/vocabulary. It will sometimes gets its inspiration from the martial arts of circus technics. Dance theater with bodies facing reality of modern world, sometimes a documentary dance where virtuosity will not be the main purpose. The body will the narrative and explicite. It will sometimes get its inspiration from the classicism of Asian dancing but will propose something new by introducing occidental influences in a theatrical, playful approach.

The three musicians playing live music will follow the characters and the projected shadow as in the Khmer shadow theater. Compositions will mix traditional classic and modern instruments.

Artistic team :

Artistic direction : Alain Beauchet et Caroline Selig
Comedians-dancers : Sonia Darbois, Jean-Serge Dunet, Sandra Français, Henri Haddad, Michaël Jaume, Cyril Limousin, Kader Mahammed, Noëlle Quillet, Vladimir Rivera, Lucas Tissot, Diane Touzin, Julie Yousef
Musicians live : Dominique Beven, Philippe Capitani et Laurent Pernice
Sound regissor : Sébastien Devey
Machinists : Yann Decamps, Stephan Ripoll

Work in progress 1

Work in progress 2

Pictures work in progress


This creation is supported by Ateliers Frappaz - CNAREP de Villeurbanne, Lieux Publics - CNAREP à Marseille, Le Moulin Fondu - CNAREP en Île-de-France, Sur le Pont - CNAREP en Nouvelle-Aquitaine à la Rochelle et Quelques p’Arts...CNAREP - Scène Rhône-Alpes.
With special support of DGCA.
The company is still looking for supports and recidencies.

The creation residency in Phare Ponleu Selpak is supported by Institut Français and Ville de Marseille, and Quelques p’Arts...Centre National des Arts de la Rue - Scène Rhône-Alpes. The project is part of Phare Ponleu Selpak “Professional Arts Development” program, co-funded by the European Union in Cambodia and UNESCO Residency on FB