Artonik - Art de rue
Open-air danced theatre (12’)

12’ Chrono - 2005

A barman is setting out the terrace of the café, where six people arrive at intervals.
Another keeps on passing by, trying to start his broken moped whilst at the second floor’s window a woman is hanging out her laundry...
Everything is quiet, however nothing is as it seems.

12 minutes chrono reenacts with humour short scenes of everyday life, having a choreographic look at human behaviours in public areas and provoking curiosity for ordinary little details, those things within our field of vision that we are used to taking for granted.

12 minutes chrono is a short show to be played several times in different places in the town.

Artistic team:

Julie Alamelle, Suzel Barbaroux, Jean-Serge Dunet, Gilbert Landreau, Fabrice Letertre-Hamelin,
Cyril Limousin, Laura Petrosino, Caroline Selig

Sound environment
Alain Beauchet


« A crazy scene took place yesterday under the agency’s windows. The place : a terrace of a bar. Five people arrive at intervals, a sailor and four young women. Everything is quiet, until the noisy entry of a worker trying to park his moped... »
L’Union - 8 june 2008

« A delicious show of Artonik. A little funny scene with loony characters at a terrace of a café. »
La Croix - 13 march 2007

« Twelve burlesque minutes. Twelve minutes of pur delight to tranform and gladden the Nazarin street. »
Ouest France - 13 march 2006

Co-production Lieux publics Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue - Marseille.