Artonik - Art de rue
Participative show for parks and public gardens (Changeable time)

Et cetera... - 2010

This participative show for parks and public gardens implicates, from the creation process to the performance, non-professional people who do not have a specific pratice.
During a short theatral and gestual improvisation resdence, the participants from the welcoming city, associated to five Artonik dancers, give birth to characters and situations. At the end of these explorations laboratories, they perform in the public space.
After two work sessions and performances in the range of Séquences Buissonières Festival at Domaine Départemental in Harcourt, and Aubagne during Small is beautiful Festival,« … Et cetera… » will go on in 2011 with students of the Fine Arts school (Beaux Arts).

The public garden is an important area in the city, where everydaylife is naturally emphasized. Witnesses of our habits, characters will reveal insolite situations, questionning the intime and time perception. « … Et cetera… » offers a wander for attentive passers-by. The spectators can freely choose their own itinerary and walking rythm. Alone or in group, they will be taken away from real life, establishing their own paths during the saunter.

Artistic team:

Julie Alamelle, Suzel Barbaroux, Jean-Serge Dunet, Cyril Limousin, Laura Petrosino

Alain Beauchet

Birgitta Heinz, Sophie Chateau

Visual artists
Cécile Besson, Dominique Canal, Anne Thiry, Bénédicte Larue, Arlette Livet

Creation supports : Atelier 231 Centre National des Arts de la Rue Sotteville-les-Rouen / La Paperie Centre National des Arts de la Rue Angers / Lieux Publics Centre National de Création Marseille / Théâtre Comoedia Aubagne / The creation is helped by the DGCA.