Artonik - Art de rue
Visuel spectacle
Open-air danced theatre (30’ to be played 2x/day)

Solleone - 2010

Three women are on their own, busy with their housework, listening to the italian radio.

Each of them moves into sections of rooms, cleaning, brushing, tidying conscientiously. Just for the absent man. He will appreciate to come back in a clean house.

The scorching heat sways the chain of habits. A gap opens and unveils their secret lives. Slow and precise gestures are replaced by a raising rythm, their bodies dislocated themselves as the intimate world collapses.

The lag between the beauty of the choregraphed erotized but never vulgar gesture – and prosaic set éléments draws a frenzied universe. In this danced theatre, three Graces are overwhelmed with madness of a too hot day!

The company mixes dance and theatre to produce its own unique style, turning everydaylife into an extraordinary subject of art.

Artistic team:

Julie Alamelle, Suzel Barbaroux, Laura Petrosino

Alain Beauchet

Sylvain Georget


« Artonik proposes a clever vision of the female condition. Humour and derision for not so tame housewives. »
Les trois coups - 16 june 2010

« Bright colours and powerful musics. The little mirror in each flat reflets the spectators’ faces… Is it like this at home ? »
Ecrire ici aussi - 23 june 2010

Specially created for Carnaval de l’Oh (Conseil Général 94)