Artonik - Art de rue
Open-air danced theatre (1h15)

La rue est dans le pré - 2006

Artonik goes on holiday on a street and installs an artificial field and check tablecloths for a joyful invitation to picnic. In this dance-theater creation, the company offers a reflexion on the impact of free time and leisure in the evolution of modern society.

With radio extracts from the 1950’s to the 1970’s in the background, nine holidaymakers revisit this period of huge social and economic change, where radio enabled a free access to culture for all.
Two solos, two duos and one trio choreographically highlight the changes in thinking through five topics : the discovery of leisure time and camping, the space conquest, the emancipation of women and La Mode, the hippie movement, the first porn films and disco fever... With choregraphed gestures, strange and poetic images, they revisit ordinary holiday situations - such as the preparation of sunbathing or packing to leave. Spread over the entire field, these five short 12 minutes-long scenes are simultaneously danced and reproduced from one space to another. Common sequences enable the spectators to take part to the show, during a ball game or a gym session.
And before the end of the holidays… Before the last good bye… the public is invited to dance…


Artistic team:

Kanto Andrianoely, Julie Alamelle, Suzel Barbaroux, Jean-Serge Dunet, Cyril Limousin, Laura Petrosino, Vladimir Fernando Rivera Carrasco, Guilhyan Schirck and Cécile Zanibellli

Sylvain Georget

Sound environment
Alain Beauchet

Clarisse Guichard and Marie-Sidonie Segui


« This journey in the time is a real pleasure for the eyes. The radio-extracts flesh out the profoundness of the subject. »
Saarbrücker Zeitung
- 25 may 2010

« [...] With the aid of enlightening radio broadcasts, objects of a design design long gone and truly original costumes, the dancers revisit recent history, reminding us that leasure time was the result of a conquest. A must. »
- 11 october 2007

« [...] As a unifying thread, holidays, but, above all, an particular view of liberty and social progress in this multifaceted show. This delicious taste of La Dolce Vita... Sheer delight. »
La Provence
- 6 may 2007

« A fantastic journey in the time which inevitably pushes us to prolong our holidays. »
Le Télégramme
- 8 august 2006

« [...] “La rue est dans le pré” is, above all, a show evoking the colour palette used in the film “Le Bonheur”, directed in 1965 by Agnès Varda. So much more than just an esthetic. »
La Marseillaise
- 9 july 2006

The creation is helped by the DMDTS.
Co-production : Le Fourneau - Centre National des Arts de la Rue Bretagne, Lieux publics -Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue Marseille, Les Ateliers Frappaz de Villeurbanne, Le Moulin Fondu - Centre National des Arts de la Rue Noisy-le-Sec.
With the exceptional support of Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA).
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